Friday, June 17, 2011

London-set up day 3- & THE SHOW!

breakfast is served!

james edson
the averys

missy broke out!
flatmate carlos

dan boulton

kingsley ifill
sam ashley
me and avery!

they drink mad dog here too?
this is in the pisser at the bar next door?

models came?
some arm wrestling!
i meet another Tanju!
id just like to thank everyone who came to the show! and to ray johnson for being himself, joe brook for being way ahead of his time, sam milianta for being the first to return mail, angela boatwright and the fuse gallery for the nyc show that lead us to london, all the P.E.P. for keeping the dream alive, my wife blanche for all the love and support, my dog frida, dan boulton, kingsley ifill for kicking ass on helping me with the set up, framing and for making the booklet & the palace wayward boy choir, james edson, missy and the all flatmates of the wayward galley and to the avery for moving to london so i would have someplace nice to sleep and hot food in my belly, the tilt mode army, the beutiful men club and san jose. next stop melbourne austrailia in november!
sorry to dave franklin, weston colton and fabrizio biviano  who's photos we couldnt find frames for so they didnt making on the wall? lesson learned!
jai tanju

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tubbs said...

Looks amazing! Where can we get the books!?