Monday, August 01, 2011

send photos and stuff to Ken Nagahara for his nyc show!

Hi Jai,
I had a question, me and my friends are trying to open up a pop-up DIY semi- gallery showing place in New York.  We are trying to do first one on August 18th. I had an idea to have people we know to send photographs or whatever to the spot and show them on the 18th.  I didn't want you to feel that I'm biting your stuff or stepping on your toe. I for sure got an idea from what you've been doing though, that's why I wanted to run through you.

anyways, email suck, but if you're down, please send photos to 181 Broadway 4th fl NY, NY, 10007



im down ken! so can everyone send photos and stuff to ken for his show in nyc!
jai atnju 

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