Monday, August 05, 2013

"Gone Postal" art show and curator Anabella Pinon put on a great show called Gone Postal at the Usuals in San Jose! she ask local artist to design a postal stamp with these guidelines


· All Art must look like a Stamp - must fit within a rectangular shape/within a 1/2" or 1" fringe Border

· Your submission should resemble or look like a stamp

· Designs should be no larger than 11 x 17.

· All Designs must be original art. No Digital Renderings will be accepted.

· Please no offensive or pornographic artwork. The Usuals is a public store.
I think the show turned out great! some cool stamps! 
thanks Anabella!

Bon bon Queen by Anabella Pinon

 22 cent stamp by Jai Tanju

 the fighting longnecks of the 24th airborne by Steve Suiter

 I Want You by Jeremiah Harada

 San Jose DODO by Bryan Lopez

 4 FEET by Daniel Valencia

 The Preditor by Kim Christman

 Untitled by Mark Martinez

 One Love by Erica

 AEF, ARF by Rafiq Gulamani

 Love Lost by Mary Ann Gerhardt

 Flying Seas Dragon by Shannon Amidon

 Year of the Snake by Force 129

 Esto Es Para by Christina Hennuse

 Spacetime by MDNS (Joshua Quinonez)

 Going Postal by Michael Denning

 To restore that which has come to be less by Chris Kisler

 They also had a table there where you could make your own postcards!
 they also sold stamps and had a mail box so you could send out your postcards!!!

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