Sunday, October 20, 2013

Combined Consciousness

 A friend and fellow told me recently that the word on the streets is the Print Exchange        Program  is dead. Well, if that’s the word on the streets then the streets don’t know shit! The Print Exchange Program is so much bigger that just this website! It is a part of our combined consciousness now and it is up to you as photographers to keep it alive in your own way! This website is merely a means to an end and a beginning! For me personally the Print Exchange Program is more about the friends I've made than the photos that have traveled across the earth and back. All I can hope for it is that you have gotten as much out of it as I have.  I have put a lot into this, and I only hope, or I know, that you have and will too. I will make this pledge to you the reader that I will do my best to update this blog more than I have this last year and fill your ears and eyes with new and exciting things that pertain to contributors to the Print Exchange! Now find someone new that you have never sent mail to before and send them something and make a new friend! Until next time, don’t forget to write.

Jai Tanju

    This is the mail i got  last month.

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