Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dear Print Exchange Program, Well it's summer time... by Sam Milianta

Dear Print Exchange Program,

Well it's summer time and that means time off for work for me, so I decided to spend it with some of my close friends.  It's crazy to think that some of my best friends in the whole world are people I've met through the Print Exchange Program.  I took a trip recently to Chicago and New York to see some of my good friends I made through the print exchange and also meet some new friends (whom I had been exchanging with for years but never had the opportunity to meet in person) on the way:

I finally met Austin Peeler while I was in New York and he was kind enough to spend a day with me.

 Tim Pigott took me on a tour of downtown Chicago before we went skateboarding.  The "selfie" in the bean is something every tourist does and I was no exception.

Brandon Fonville was one of the first people I really exchanged with.  I've met him several times over the years and we had a great pizza lunch.

 I left lunch with Brandon and went straight to the Lower East Side to find Brad Westcott from Arizona who was in also in New York City.  We met up and took a million pictures of each other (a Print Exchange tradition).  Brad came and visited me in Utah about ten days later.

Just some buildings from a courtyard in Manhattan.

Downtown Chicago from the skatepark right before we decided to go skate the city.

Always gotta take a few photos when you're riding public transit.

My good friend Forrest Huber was in New York too.  It was good to spend time with a fellow Utahn.  Forrest ended up skating a bunch with these guys.

My good friend Forrest Huber was in New York too.  It was good to spend time with a fellow Utahn.  Forrest ended up skating a bunch with these guys.

Forrest did this tailslide at Houston Park the first hour I was in New York.

If you are ever lucky enough to meet Tim Pigott in Chicago on a Friday night, go skateboarding with him.  It's some of the most fun you'll have and it will remind why you started skateboarding in the first place.

 This is my friend Ian Wade (with Forrest) who was kind enough to let me stay on his couch for a few days in New York.  Thanks again Ian!

Our Friday night crew in Chicago consisted of at least three (maybe four) people named Tim.  This is Tim Johnson and Tim Pigott both of whom I have exchanged with for years and this was the first time I met them.  Chicago PEPers are hospitable!

It's been really amazing to be part of the Print Exchange for the last eight years.  I've met so many good friends and this year has been no exception.  The Print Exchange really is the best social network and is full of people who actually care and want to be friends with other people.  If you haven't met anyone you exchange with in person, please do it.  It has been the best thing in my life and is totally worth and makes for some great adventures.


Sam Milianta 

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