Monday, September 10, 2012

Book & Job show set up day 3-4-5

Bryce Kanights photo showed up!
 click below to see more photos!

 Jason Duffany can by to drop off his photo!
 the last prom wall set up!
 isaac mckay-randozzi and Jason Adams
 this guy wondered in!?
 text to Nick Kunz from Tekeshi Abe!
 Dave Schubert mail going up!
 finished up on the europe/japan wall! called it a day!
 the next morning on the way to the gallery?
 this is on the ground in front of the gallery?
 Dave Franklin came by to drop off some photos! great hair right?
 these P.E.P.ers showed up!
 Sam Milianta slammed on the way over by save his photos!
 Tekeshi Abe came from Japan!
 B. Fonville came from NYC!
 Adam Dorobiala and Jeff Griffin came with Sam from Salt Lake City!
 the kids had a street session in front of the gallery! Nick Kunzs 360 flip!
Brad Westcott came from AZ!
Jeremy Tubbs came out from Chicago!

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