Monday, September 10, 2012

Show time!!

P.E.P. pre show pizza party!

click below to see all the show photos!

 wall #1 - usa
 wall #2 - bay area
wall #3 europe and japan
 wall #4 - the last prom wall
 wall #5 - Greg Hunt, Dennis McGrath, Kyle Camarillo and Jonathan Mehring
 wall #6 was the heavy hitter wall and Dave Schubert!
 wall #6 close up of heavey hitters!
 close up of Dave Schubert!
 Ross Rogers section! R.I.P.
 wall #7- Ken Nagahara!
 wall #8 was unframed photos from the Norway show!

 the two Daves!
 Sam and Grandpaw Skipper who came in from Santa Anna ca for the show!
 shawn, jeff and chris! Matt patterson came too!

 Ken Goto!
 Jeremy Tubbs photo reenactment!
 Abe, Brandon and Charlie!
its over! framed photo will be up in a few days!

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